Barberán – Jetmaster digital printing solution on corrugated cardboard

The Barberán Jetmaster printers are a new concept based on Single-Pass printing technology of digital images on corrugated cardboard and other substrates at an industrial level. Barberán S.A has a long history in conventional printing technologies and is one of the pioneers in Single Pass Digital printing application techniques and develops its own mechanics, electronics and software. Thanks to our experience in the surface treatment, we are able to achieve an optimum printing quality on any type of coated or uncoated papers even with substantially lower grammage papers as used in the conventional industrial printing systems. The inks used in the Jetmaster printers are 100% UV inks which guarantees a stable process which does not require storing of finished products at your facilities or performing of color adjustments for each design or type of substrate, thus you will save preparation times. In short: you will achieve a high quality print , flexibility and better cost-effectiveness.

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