Array Formula, Match and Offset in Google Spreadsheets

The arrayformula in Google Spreadsheets has a number of great different use cases. This video pairs the arrayformula with Match and Offset to pull in a constantly updating range of data in one sheet to create a chart in another sheet.

The advantage of using the arrayformula in conjunction with Match and Offset allows you to constantly add rows to your selected range, so you never have to worry about updating the formula. This would work great, for example, if you were pulling from the responses from a Google Form and wanted to consolidate them into a chart.

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One thought on “Array Formula, Match and Offset in Google Spreadsheets

  1. Todd Warren

    Is there a way to filter this data? For example, say you had a column A on the P&L page titled "Report Type" where you had different text values (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Income Statement). In column B called "Accounts" you have the related accounts (all the accounts you show in this video would fill column B, where column A has a "Profit & Loss" value). How could you then make a formula, that functions similarly to what is shown in this video, while only populating data for "Profit & Loss" (or whatever report type you decide)? I've been trying to use an arrayformula, in conjunction with the offset function, and then trying to limit the results using an IF function, but the formula is not working. Any ideas?


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