Algorithm to avoid oozing problems in dual extruders [3D Printing]

Hello to everyone,

I’m an engineering student and this is part of my degree project. I’m glad to share this algorythm with all the 3D community. As well as they have done with all information needed to make a 3D printer, especially RepRap community. Thanks to them, me and a lot of people around the world have been able to make and enjoy our 3D printers.
I hope you like it, thanks for watching.

This is a calibration piece for dual extruding, shown in the video.

Note that the wall is generated having into account the offset of my dual extruder. So if you copy and paste the this G-code, you should change it and adapt it to your extruder offset (only the wall generation in every tool change).

3D printer: Prusa i3 with double extruder upload
Slicer: Slic3r
Firmware: Marlin
Host: Repetier Host

This is the algorithm:

Layer change G-code:

G92 E0;
G1 E-0.5 F1200;
G92 E0;
G1 X96.450 Y60.8 F5000;
G1 E1.5 F1500;
G92 E0;
G1 X96.450 Y36.650 E0.07476 F1500.000;
G1 X96.950 Y36.650 E0.08390;
G1 X96.950 Y65.150 E0.23935;
G1 X96.450 Y65.150 E0.24850;
G1 X96.450 Y60.813 E0.32782;
G1 X95.950 Y60.813 F5400.000;
G1 X95.950 Y36.150 E0.41309 F1500.000;
G1 X97.450 Y36.150 E0.44053;
G1 X97.450 Y65.650 E0.61427;
G1 X95.950 Y65.650 E0.64170 F1500.000;
G1 X95.950 Y60.888 E0.72879;
G4 P200; wait for ooze to slow
G92 E0;
G1 X174.750 Y61.9 F5000;
G1 E1.4 F1500;
G92 E0;
G1 X174.750 Y37.750 E0.07476 F1500.000;
G1 X175.250 Y37.750 E0.08390;
G1 X175.250 Y66.250 E0.23935;
G1 X174.750 Y66.250 E0.24850;
G1 X174.750 Y61.913 E0.32782;
G1 X174.250 Y61.913 F5400.000;
G1 X174.250 Y37.250 E0.41309 F1500.000;
G1 X175.750 Y37.250 E0.44053;
G1 X175.750 Y66.750 E0.61427;
G1 X174.250 Y66.750 E0.64170 F1500.000;
G1 X174.250 Y61.988 E0.72879;
G4 P200; wait for ooze to slow

Tool change G-code:

G1 X80 Y40 F4000;
G1 X130 Y40 F4000;
G1 X130 Y55 F4000;
G1 X190 Y55 F4000;

Hey guys, as I already finished my 3D printing project, I share it with the community as well as it helped me to do all I’ve done.
Here it is the link to all the documents:


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