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11 thoughts on “AB Dick Offset Printing Press Knowlege Base

  1. Rachel Hood

    I need to hire someone to run this machine in Atlanta Georgia. Any ideas where I might find someone?

  2. Matt Reed

    I have a Ryobi 3200 MCD, Blanket is getting all Inked up when printing envelopes… any suggestions on what to do?


    I was in the printing business running small offset presses for over 35 years. Single color and T-heads both. I had my own shop for 9 years but couldn't make a go of it. I had really cheap prices and was counting on getting work from the schools, but they decided they wanted to pay 200 dollars from someone else for jobs I was doing for 90 bucks. They literally wanted me to stay away because one of their buddies wanted that high dollar coming in instead of giving me some work. One school I asked for 8 invoices so i could write my price compared to what they paid, and they sent me back a letter wanting 450 dollars for the copies. I found the government to be very corrupt. It wasn't just one school that did this, it was 95 % of them. I was one of the best pressman in the world on small presses. I ran chiefs and ab dicks 360, 375's. I prefered the chute delivery for the type of work I did running a lot of envelopes and not much enamel. I was a great troubleshooter and built many jigs to help curled paper run. It was a fun business, just not when it came down to owning my own shop and dealing with all the crooks working for the govt. I had on 3 occasions where they told me to check back in a couple months, then when I went back told me they signed contracts with another printer for 2 years so they could keep the work going to them instead of me. Good luck.

  4. Shari McDonald

    I used to run AB Dick 9820 offset single head printing press 30-40 years ago and we used highly toxic chemicals to clean metal plates and ink rollers. The toxic fumes damaged my lungs and sinuses. I need to know the product name. but now solutions are non-toxic environ you help please ?  Incidentally I found a way to print two-sided glossy in 3 colors without offset on the paper'. AB Dick told me that the press was not capable of achieving perfect registration or printing it on glossy paper. Obviously, they were wrong. LOL. I am an overachiever when it comes to finding ways to do things better unfortunately I was never rewarded for my superior performance.

  5. Shaun Collins

    Just started on a AB Dick 360. Had feeder issues and well now I'm not getting an impression. Plates good, transfers to blanket fine. How do you adjust this impression roller?

  6. Quinton laureti

    I work on a Fuji 1 colour printing machine.i have scumming problems,i changed my damper cloth and adjusted my damper settings according to my knowledge and my fountain solution and alcohol and water is fine and still scumming occurs.any help plz…….plz whatsapp me on 079- 839 7299 then i can email you.

  7. Brick Press

    Hi, great video. I own the same press and have learned to operate it over the last two years. I'm finding that even at its lowest speed I'd still like a lower speed and have herd that having a longer or shorter belt can change this. Just can't remember which it is. Is it possible you know which belt is ideal for achieving the absolute slowest printing speed?
    Very best,

  8. el h

    before hanging the plates.that clear tape you have on tape guns..
    2 two strip along the top
    2 two strips along the bottom than punch..helps with the elongating.


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