3D sculpting and 3D Printing timelapse with ZBrush and the Form1

Time lapse video of a 3D printed figure, with ZBrush and the 3D Printer Form1
Full review: http://www.polysculpt.com/articles/test-imprimante-3d-form1-formlabs-zbrush/ (soon in english).

This video is showing the process of sculpting a 3D figure in ZBrush form Pixologic and then printing it in 3D with the Form 1 high resolution 3D printer from FormLabs.

Technical information:
The model has been fully sculpted and prepared in ZBrush 4R5 then 4R6 from Pixologic, using most of its core functions:
– ZSpheres for defining the rough proportions
– ZSketches on top of the ZSPheres to define the rough volume
– DynaMesh for all the sculpting process.
– Classic sculpting brushes like the Clay Buildup, Clay, Move, etc, as well as customs brushes I made.
– Retopology with ZRemesher and then projection on the new mesh.
– Using DynaMesh boolean operations to create the inserts / joints for the print.
– Decimation Master to reduce the polygon count.
– 3D Print Exporter for the exportation and size settings.
– Everything has been sculpted on a Cintiq 22 HD from Wacom.

Then it has been printed in a Form1 3D printer.
– Layers of 0.025mm.
– 26 hours of printing.
– Automatic support creation from the PreForm software has been used.
– In the video, the photos at the end are showing first a print without any post process, then other prints with just a little bit of sanding, primer color and a little bit of clear coating.
– Some support are remaining because they needed to be carefully removed (after the cleaning process).

My blog: http://www.polysculpt.com
Pixologic: http://www.pixologic.com
FormLabs: http://www.formlabs.com

Music by Rey Phillipe: https://soundcloud.com/phreymusic / https://www.facebook.com/philippereycomposer
Check his music, it’s amazing!

Thank you to Xavier, who is the co owner of the printer with me and supporting me in my explorations of this awesome new world (well, not the 3D printing, but owning the printer 😉 and as usual, my co workers at Pixologic and my friends at Wacom Europe!

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13 thoughts on “3D sculpting and 3D Printing timelapse with ZBrush and the Form1

  1. Teh Stranger?

    SLA printers offer fantastic quality but look at all the hassle you have to go through to clean the print up afterward. I think I'm gonna stick to FDM for a while 🙂

  2. HymyileMulle

    Really cool video! Nice to see some professionals doing sculptures AND printing them out! Would be great to see more of this kind of videos

  3. Katie Marchand

    Wow, phenomenal, absolute beauty. I am an artist myself, I am only 12. So, could you use any kind of other 3D Printers with Zbrush? Oh, and glad to subscribe c:

  4. seriousCADninja

    F***ing awesome! It took quite some to print… 15 hours? Also was the model printed solid? That's a lot of resin wasted… But non the less amazing!!! 


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