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While we all enjoy building a lot of stuff ourselves, there are times where it may be easier to get a machine to do it. Hobgoblin3D produce a range of 3D printable files (STL) for you to print out your dungeon dressings on your own 3D printer. If you don’t have a 3d printer yet, some of these objects might inspire the analogue craft in you. Go forth and print!
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Dungeon tile construction technique was influenced by the 2.5D method created by DMScotty of theDM’sCraft. His videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-i5kmuwyV6N3xi5z1TElg
You may wish to also visit the forum http://dmscraft.proboards.com/ where you will find many crafters who work in similar ways.

Music: “Dominator” and/or “Ethereal”, under royalty free license from Footage Firm Inc. (from point 1 of the agreement: You may use the Stock Files for nearly any project, including feature films, broadcast, commercial,industrial, and educational video, print projects, multimedia, games, and the internet, as long as the Stock Files have been incorporated into any work with substantial value added by you.)

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