3D printing guides: Calibration and why you might be doing it wrong

Things you should and shouldn’t calibrate!

The Prusa calculator http://prusaprinters.org/calculator/

Youmagine files and instructions https://www.youmagine.com/designs/calibration-sticks

RepRap Darwin image by Adrian Bowyer, at 0:31 from http://reprap.org/wiki/Darwin
RepRap Prusa image by Josef Prusa, at 0:34 from http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_Mendel_%28iteration_1%29

Decide which guides i do next http://goo.gl/forms/Oep9gSD3iT

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14 thoughts on “3D printing guides: Calibration and why you might be doing it wrong

  1. TheDarkstar826

    Hello, I'm new to 3D printing world. I like the idea about the 20mm Calibration Cube, but how do you do it on the software part? Do you have a video about it? I will like to see before and after result and the setting you did. I'm a visual person.

  2. Kyle Neufeld

    Ok, but one question, I'm having to constantly scale up my prints to 2 percent just so my measurements are on. Then what? Any advice?

  3. Markitos203

    we come along way, i remember buying just the printed parts to build my first prusa back in 2011 for almost 500 bucks, and spend close to 12 hundred to finish it. 2 weeks ago i had an a8 drop to my door for 165…

  4. Jacob Bohler

    ok but for those of us that dont know the specifics of our machine (screw pitch, motor step angle, etc) the prusa calculator won't help at all. so at the moment 20mm cubes still seem to be the best option. (printer is a tronxy p802ma with autolevel)

  5. superxxl

    Hi Tom. I have nice printing delta. The only problem is I can't pass 1 perimiter cube test. I have 0.5 nozzle installed. The result is 0.8-0.9mm wall thick cube… I have checked steps/mm for e-motor. Extruding 100mm gives 100mm of filament. Changing extrusion multiplier doesn't help. Do you have any ideas?

  6. Printing Scotian

    So how do you do this? Should make a step by step guide for stupid people like me as nothing I print fits and im almost ready to give up on 3d printing!

  7. DirtyThirty

    Do you have a video that goes over changing settings when calibrating with a test cube? Like say for example my test cube printed at 40mm measures z=38.2 x & y = 37.9.

  8. Wardenclyffe technology

    Thank you for all the great video's you have helped so a lot with my Reprap Mc3 and getting it working. I did the PID autotune from one of your other video's and I ran it 100 times. I think it was a bit over kill but it got it to stay at the temp 100% of the time, Which has allowed me to get printing. So thanks man keep up the great video's! Cheers !

  9. Damian Williams

    Great scripting…
    Within the first few seconds, we get some amazing puns….
    The ways you can "Screw" things up…
    Let me take a "Step" back…


  10. luis santos

    hey i got a problem with mi geeetech g2s. The step motors dont work smothly and i cant make the first calibration because the step motor cant work simultaneously it only work well when i press the button home (repitier host)

  11. ArthurDent0042

    Excellent hands-on guidance for getting the most of these machines. Huge thanks for all of your videos!


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