3D Printed Motorcycle by Jonathan Brand – Ultimaker: 3D Printing Story

Jonathan Brand is an artist from New York and created a life-size 3D printed 1972 Honda CB500 motorcycle.
Isn’t this one of the most amazing 3D prints you’ve ever seen?
Learn more: http://ultim.kr/1xxcZv7

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14 thoughts on “3D Printed Motorcycle by Jonathan Brand – Ultimaker: 3D Printing Story

  1. Daniel Jardine

    This is good stuff 3D printing, especially if you have a Project you want to do for school or university to show off in front of class, not only that, but if you want to make an item like a very old Plane from the WW1-2 age you can do with 3D print.

  2. Fear Not God Is Faithful

    Honda should give you your choice of motorcycles after making this masterpiece! Great advertising for them for point of sale displays so you can sell your artwork as well! If you haven't contacted them, you should!

  3. Павел Викторович Кириченко

    Дурачек, ты Джонатан. Жену еще напечатай себе.

  4. Ken Behrendt

    Cool! Too bad you can't actually ride it. Hmmm…I wonder if it would be possible to 3D print an internal combustion engine and then just use metal pistons in metal cylinder inserts to make it operational. Might be possible as long as it runs cool enough so as not to melt the plastic.

  5. actschp1

    Can you imagine the movie prop implications for this? Print out a car that you can pick up… Print out a pickup that the Hulk smashes you into. The applications are really endless.


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