06 SketchUp / LayOut / Construction Documents :: Annotations

In this video I will show you how to annotate using the dimension tool and scrapbooks.

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19 thoughts on “06 SketchUp / LayOut / Construction Documents :: Annotations

  1. M Oz

    Great video, much appreciated. I just can't get my head around why you guys still use feet and inches in your country. 🙂

  2. Artūrs Polis

    Hi, Mike!
    How do you deal with the construction axis? Is there a way to maintain a precise connection between viewports in several LO pages? The problem is that the axis are drawn in LO, so it is impossible to place them precisely on viewports where the main building elements are not visible (like, the roof plan or roof element plan).

  3. Lourenço Vaz Pinto

    You have diferent styles in layout than me how did you got more?I desperatly need diferent styles for my geometry work. thx in advance!

  4. Alex Smanzer

    This is one of the best video that i ever watched regarding sketchup layout ! thank you very much!

  5. Alex Melamed

    Thank you for advancing the field in this direction.  I am seriously considering bailing on the power BIM world.  I think I can do everything I need with much less cost and complication.  I am scared to lose my schedule and parametric tools, but it still may be worth it for me.  

  6. Alfredo Sanchez

    Hey Mike Brightman! what rendering program do you use? people are telling me that the best one out there is SU Podium.
    Oh! and thanks a lot for the video, I barely knew today that there was a SketchUp 2013. So I came across this video thanks!

  7. ghtsh bhg tdhbgfhbc hbgfhb ghb

    Can i use these techniques for landscaping designs and drawings??

    Also what's your book again and where can i get it? Excellent info.

  8. Mike Mead

    seem to be a well thought out work process!
    will def help in my migration from autocad architecture to sketch up.
    bought the book.

  9. Mike Brightman

    I posted the scrapbooks on the SketchUp Exchange forum… Also… Thanks for all of the positive feedback! I really appreciate it!


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